Reimagining & Reinventing Fort Lauderdale’s Galleria Mall

Posted: February 23, 2016



Fort Lauderdale’s flagship mall will soon be brought to the leading edge of the urban lifestyle, and completely redesigned into a fundamentally different space. A massive, multi-year development will transform the 20th-century mall into a creative community hub, an eco-friendly oasis of green that blends seamlessly into its environment.

Originally constructed in the 1950s as an open-air destination called Sunrise Center, the shopping complex was demolished and reborn in the early 80s as an indoor mall: The Galleria. Surrounded by vast asphalt parking lots and set apart from the rest of its surroundings, the shopping mall heeded the call of a car centric culture – an oversized, air-conditioned consumer mecca with impersonal architecture and national brands.

But things have changed – and the Galleria will soon evolve as well. The new and improved lifestyle destination will reflect the desires of today’s consumers for green expanses and connection to nature, easy public transportation, plus attractive shared spaces that promote activity, relaxation and engagement.

After the Galleria undergoes a $750 million redevelopment, it will boast all this and much more. The mall is being completely reimagined as an environmentally friendly, walkable community gathering space and transportation hub.



The new version of the Galleria Mall will feature numerous parks, gardens and green spaces, with highlights including:

  • Rooftop garden space
  • Green space behind mall with 41’ wide pathways
  • Linear park encircling the mall
  • Comfortable outdoor seating areas
  • Special park amenities including exercise equipment
  • Green rooftops
  • Cisterns for rainwater collection
  • Greenery on the parking areas
  • Extra landscaping at the mall itself

In addition to the influx of nature and greenery, the new shopping center will feature an underground transportation hub for county busses and city trolleybuses. More outdoor restaurants and sidewalk cafes will open, along with a rooftop community room for gatherings and special events.

Developers are aiming for LEED Certification with this earth-friendly revamp, a green building program that certifies the property’s environmentally responsible construction, sustainability, and efficient use of resources.

All in all, you’ll encounter an entirely new Galleria Mall, a cutting-edge community oasis for the current era. While the entire redevelopment will take years, the mall’s food court remodel has already reopened and H&M has plans to open up shop later this year.

The creative new complex will revitalize the entire neighborhood, which includes Galleria Lofts – our luxury homes are just ½ mile away from the shopping center. Expect to see a total transformation of the Galleria Mall, and to discover a lifestyle destination for the needs of the new millennium.




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